Successfully Ending the Semester

Read these 7 Steps for Successfully Ending our Semester.

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Jingle Bell Rock music sheet music

Jingle Bell Rock Choreography videos in 4 parts. Part 1, IMG_2101; Part 2, IMG_2102; Part 3, IMG_2103; Part 4, IMG_0364


I miss y’all. Be good for your substitutes!!!

Ms. Sheppard, a retired music and drama teacher, starts on Wednesday and will be with you through the end of the semester. Dr. Crawford, also a retired and experienced teacher in our fields of study, will start with you after the new year. I’m very excited to welcome both of these women to our classroom. Please show them, and every other teacher who is taking the time to be with you, how wonderful Chamblee OnStage Students are!


Ms. Lirette