Lesson plans for Fri 11/10

2nd pd and 4th pd MUSICAL THEATRE

At the beginning of class, please pick up the first two handouts you turned in yesterday so you can work from them today and over the weekend. Your folders are in the blue basket on the desk. Please return them to the black cubby!

Work productively the entire class and submit an exit ticket at the end of class for a grade. Follow your rehearsal plans in preparation for next week’s solo performance assessments.

Students may rehearse in small groups in the side rooms according to song choices, but they should be practicing with their tracks, which they can access from their phones, and singing along to the tracks basically the whole time.

Make good use of time.

Please stop work 5 minutes before the end to complete the “exit ticket” below on lined paper and turn it in to class cubby folder:
A quick written description of
1) what they actually got done in today’s rehearsal (and compared to what they planned to do),
2) how they got their “what” done (what techniques did they use),
3) and how successful they were and why. Compare with yesterday.
4) What they still need to do (in summary) to be ready for their performance next week
Sectional work in side rooms in groups discussed yesterday for Manger. Submit recording of your group accurately singing whole thing in tempo with correct pitches and words. Group leaders Email Submissions to linda_a_lirette@dekalbschoolsga.org with all group members named before 11:59 pm


Memorize and perform one of the five poem options we discussed. If finished early, complete Ch 3 review in journal.


These ladies will be participating in the Veterans Day Ceremony in the auditorium. It begins during 6th period and goes until 2:45 or 3, so they won’t come back to the classroom until it’s over. When they get back, they can work on their ten percent projects. (Student choice).